History of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases

Founding of Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases related to 1916. The clinical base of the Department was located in the adapted premises in the municipal (zemskoy) hospital. Since 1925 and until 1957 the Department was based on STI department of regional hospital. Since 1957 and until 1978 the base of the Department was Regional Dermatovenerologic Dispensary and since 1978 – City Dermatovenerologic Dispensary (which was later renamed in Municipal establishment “Dnipropetrovsk Regional Skin and Venereologic Dispensary” of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council”). 

From its inception until now the Department was headed by: 

• Professor A. Brown (1916-1935) 

• Professor I. S. Milman (1935-1949) 

• Associate Professor A. D. Krishtal (1949-1951) 

• Professor A. Ya. Degtyar (1951-1952) 

• Professor O. M. Fedorovsky (1952-1962) 

• Professor G. B. Nesterenko (1962-1988) 

• Associate Professor M. I. Yushchyshyn (1988-1989) 

• Professor V. P. Fedotov (1989-2006) 

• Professor A. D. Dyudyun (2006 to this day). 

For all time of the Department existence, as assistant professor worked (in chronological order): E.S. Kaplun, I.A. Lublinsky, A.D. Crystal, L.M. Brodsky, G.B. Nesterenko, G.H. Kohon, E.A. Davydov, G.V. Bashmakov, N.I. Yushchyshyn, V.K. Zakharov, I. Ya. Zmiychuk, A.D. Dyudyun, T.V. Svyatenko, V.V. Gorbuntsov. 

As assistant of the Department worked: B.N. Mikhailov, E.S. Kaplun, R.M. Ginzburg, M.A. Mitsenmaher, A.D. Krishtal, Y.D. Olhov, L.M. Brodsky, O.N. Khovrina, I.A. Lublinsky, M.S. Ryashin, A.A. Chernov, V.K. Matysek, G.B. Nesterenko, M.D. Dralova, E.A. Davydov, G.V. Bashmakov, L.M. Ploskaya, I.G. Didenko, I. Ya. Zmiychuk, N.I. Yushchyshyn, V.K. Zakharov, A.A. Vitryak, L.A. Pogrebnyak, K.V. Semenukha, M.I. Temnyk, A.D. Dyudyun, V.V. Gorbuntsov, I.A. Pisarevskaya, V.P. Stepura, Yu. B. Kovalenko, A.A. Mamon, D.G. Bashmakov, T.V. Svyatenko, S.V. Zakharov. 

The first PhD thesis “Histopathology of lymphadenitis under syphilis” was defended at the Department by E. S. Kaplun in 1935. In the same year I. L. Hrystin defended his doctoral thesis on the impact of specific treatment on the amount of sugar content in the blood of patients with syphilis. In 1939 Emmanuil Semenovich Kaplun defended doctoral thesis “The role of lymph nodes in the pathogenesis of syphilis.” Professor E. S. Kaplun was a qualified doctor and scientist and had great abilities as organizer too. After the war he worked as rector and head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases of Irkutsk Medical Institute. 

From 1952 to 1962 the Department was headed by Olexandr Mikolayovich Fedorovsky, who was known in the USSR as the founder of the fight against spread of infectious skin and venereal diseases. In 1925 O. M. Fedorovsky created and opened Ukrainian Research Institute of Dermatology and Venereology, which he headed. In the period from 1944 to 1952 he worked as Rector of the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute and head of the department of skin and venereal diseases. 

From 1962 to 1988 the Department was headed by the noted scientist Professor Georgiy Borisovich Nesterenko. The mainstream of his scientific work was the study of allergic dermatoses. Under his guidance ten Ph.D. theses have been completed and defended. 

From 1989 to 2006 the Department was headed by Professor Valeriy Pavlovich Fedotov. Under the guidance of Professor V. P. Fedotov 5 doctoral and 37 PhD theses have been made and reserved.

Since 2006 the Department is headed by Doctor of Medical Science Professor Anatoly Dmitriyovich Dyudyun. Under his supervision three PhD theses have been made. At this time he is a consultant of one doctoral and three PhD theses. 

Priority research of the Department: “Target therapy of patients with dermatoses and sexual transmitted infections under comorbidity”. 

Main areas of research of the Department: 

• pathogenesis and therapy of psoriasis; 

• pathogenesis, therapy and prevention of syphilis; 

• aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment of fungal infections; 

• pathogenesis and therapy of urogenital infections; 

• allergic dermatoses pathogenesis and therapy. 

Over the past 5 years the Department has trained 20 postgraduate students, medical residents and masters from around the world, including citizens of Moldova, Palestine, Jordan. 

A research student group attached to the Department operates efficiently; the students actively speak at conferences of various levels carried out in Ukraine and win the prizes.